Remote Healing

When I talk about energy, it is my belief that we all hold our own power, our own ability to heal, our own endurance and strength, to be able to live a daily life in balance on our physical, mental and energetic levels.

Our body reworks most of what it is supplied with, to energy. If you live a balanced life where you sleep enough,  eat nutritious food and make sure that the body’s muscles, organs and skin are being in motion, you will feel good and in balance. If you are not in a good balance you will take from your body’s energy resource and begin a slow but steady depletion of yourself. Even if we do our best to follow the above advice, a constant input of physical and emotional stress will empty our energy resources. The trick for a balanced life with yourself is not to lose more energy than you bring in. The different types of thoughts and actions that direct energy around the body, providing them with vital information is often not grounded in your own truth. There are many other ways to walk one’s path than the habitual ones. What works for your mother, friend, and partner might not work for you.  One way to find out is to increase the awareness of yourself, your resources, and review and fully accept your needs to keep a flourishing day.

Remote healing

I believe that sometimes, receiving remote healing works better than hands-on as the received has to be in complete trust and can relax into the session with another intention. During this session with me, you will place yourself in comfort and keep the intention you have chosen to work on and relax into your heart. Within 12 hours of the session you will receive a written document with an outline of my experience and conclusions during the session as well as suggestions for how to move forward from there.) If you feel you need further explanations, we can schedule time for this.

Be around those

who carve new galaxies in you.

The light through your veins.

Poetic science.

Wider vision.

Gentler strength.

The moon in your chest.

Gravitational pulls.

Possibility everywhere.

Stars in your eyes.

Expanding horizons.

Something wild.

Something fervent.

Something stunning.

Something divine.~ Victoria Erickson