Energetic healing and talk therapy


I’m the person you contact when you have

searched within and can’t seem to find your way out…

If you have symptoms of anxiety, fear, frustration or anger, if you carry traumatic experiences, or maybe life sucks and so does your partner, if you’re not feeling appreciated at work, you live in physical pain and need another view on how to move forward, you need to update your family structure, you have just made a career change and feel like a fraud, and so forth….. Then let’s work together!

Being held in my space, means you can completely let go and trust the flow of transformation.

Transformation is a big deal and my sessions really work!

Our sessions will be performed on line over zoom or talking on Whatsapp or Telegram. Sometimes we will talk and the release will happen along the talk, sometimes you will be asked to receive an energy session / transmission. You will always be engaged with visualizations, or similar tools even if we are having a counselling session. I will ask of you to keep an open mind and trust the Divine Magic to enter and open our hearts and move us forward … together. 

My work is profound and even if I suggest that we meet up 2-3 times, you will feel when the time is right for you to proceed with me.


MindBodyAwakeninga mix between transformative techniques, soul coaching and healing

It will show you a concrete forward direction and the inner and outer changes that are needed to be looked and acted upon going forth in your life.

Conversational therapy (counselling)

Being both a counselor and a life & recovery coach, means that I can support you with many of life’s obstacles. Set action plans that vibrate with your intentions of the life you seek to live.

Remote healing

I believe that sometimes, receiving remote healing works better than hands-on, as the received one has to be in complete trust and can relax into the session with another intention.

Space&Clutter clearing

What runs within us usually sets its mark in the outside work too. Too clear space from energies is like us taking a good sauna and a long shower. I clear your home, space, garden from imbalanced energies and “hiccups” and makes the flow, flow alongside you, openly and free.


Ewa is an amazingly thoughtful and an incredibly enlightened powerful therapist who can guide you through any challenging life experience. You will come away feeling empowered, nurtured, heard and a feeling of being massively grounded and balanced. The way that Ewa holds space and gives support is incredible. I am really able to open up and be vulnerable with myself. She has guided me, through conversation, to see for myself, my patterns and why I have created these patterns in the first place. Which in return has helped me recognize when similar patterns arise in my life. Ewa is so powerful and intuitive by nature and she has so many tools in her box that has helped me in my transition! I am so grateful to have her facilitate this challenging yet exciting time in my life. You will be so grateful you have chosen to work with her.   /// Joss Hannaford

Ewa has an incredible way of seeing straight through to the core issues of what is going on. Without needing to tell her much at all, her insight cuts through with such clarity to what is most needed to be tended to. I could relax with trust and ease into the process, feeling things beyond my ability were being well taken care of. The message that she passed onto me from the invisible world was unexpected and profoundly touching. A massage that spoke to my mind, heart, soul and energy body, that I will carry carefully with me forever. I love Ewa’s way of compassion, sweet love, honour and also sharp clarity and refinement / Ayla Schafer

It have been quite a few changes in my life the last couple of years, which led me to believe that a space clearing would in a way clear it all out and allow things to move on more smoothly. Ewa did just that. Exactly what she did is hard for me to go over, but the feeling and energy in my flat has not been the same since she cleared it of old energies and such / Cajsa Werthèn


Truly divine and incredibly empowering, “I walk my talk”, by staying true to my purpose in life. With over 25 years of healing work from around the globe, my honesty and knowledgeable wisdom has nurtured many clients from places like South America and across Europe and Asia to dance in the light of their true awareness.

As a seasoned healer, body therapist, conversational therapist, life&recovery coach and host too numerous workshops and retreats, I have guided an assorted clientele of beginners to experienced healers from all over the world into their own state of awareness and spirituality. I truly believe everyone has the capacity to go deeper within themselves – strengthening internally to a richer and truer understanding of their life’s journey. I believe in Magic. The kind of magic that occurs when someone really sees you, listens to you, and loves you.

I have an acutely unique way of merging with the energy forces of life while finding new ways to openly receive information from our true Source. I am a natural intuitive and since early childhood I have had conversations with the unseen world and channel them to the best of my ability. Through passionate power and love, I am not afraid to dive into the whole human self in all forms. My three loves are guiding my path and keeps myself grounded: nature, energy and the relationship between body and spirit.


My work is profound. I release any kind of stagnation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

This leaves you with a spaciousness within, a feeling of being relieved, and free.


  • 75 minutes / 100 euros
  • 90 minutes / 150 euros
  • 2 hours / 180 euros
  • Space and Clutter clearing (about 4 hours work) / 300 euros


Mail: ewa@mindbodyawakening.earth

Payment is through PayPal or if you prefer clearing it through my bank, lets talk.

PayPal; paypal.me/EwaDemahina